Terms and conditions.

Key dates.

The recommended final day to upload completed artworks to this website is 5 March 2022.

We will not accept any artworks that arrive after midnight that day.

The sale of Incognito Art Show Canberra online items will be 25 March 2022.

Instructions and conditions.


  • Any digital artist can enter artwork to the Incognito Art Show Canberra. It’s one of the great features of Incognito Art Show Canberra. It’s accessible to any level of artist from emerging to professional;
  • Each artist is restricted to entering up to three artworks. Incognito Art Show Canberra reserves the right to amend this condition by special request. To apply to contribute more than three artworks email hello@incognitoartshowcanberra.gallery
  • May be produced on any device of your choice (phone, pad or computer, it’s up to you). You must identify the device;
  • Must not be signed on the front;
  • Must have the form completed — see form;
  • The Incognito Art Show Canberra team reserves the right to not exhibit an artwork they consider not to be in the spirit of the show.